Bonus Round: 5 Centimeters Per Second

Holy crap, this movie is gorgeous. The sky, the sky! Fucking brilliant. It was pictures of the skies in this movie that convinced me to watch this, and it wasn’t a mistake.

I haven’t watching anything anime-ish in quite a whole, and it took me a little while to slip back into the groove of reading subs. It’s a bit like riding a bike though – it can be difficult to pick back up again, but you don’t really forget. And the stories…well, the stories reminded me of the good bits of being a teenager deep in the throes of emotion, without really bringing up my sourness on the subject. And that’s a rare thing.

I don’t even really have anything else to say. If you have a taste for the beautiful and bittersweet, watch this. You won’t regret it.


  • There are so many lines early in this movie that hit me really hard, but quoting them out of the context made them hollow, so I gave up.
  • Fucking nerd children talking about science shit. Cute.
  • Imagine the station master. ‘Oh shit, now there are two kids here, and they are both crying. Fucking great.’
  • ‘I wonder when I got into the habit of writing messages to nobody?’


  • I started watching this on DVD, but what is the point in watching such a pretty movie in 480p?
  • Public transport that waits if a connecting service is running late? THAT SOUNDS FAKE.
  • Oh, Sakai, girl. I feel that.
  • Windows Vasta
  • Wait…that’s the end? Fuck you movie, I was NOT DONE with Story 3 yet.

The Deer Hunter

I don’t quite know how to feel about The Deer Hunter. It was…intense. Too intense for my mood definitely, had I know what I was getting myself into I probably wouldn’t have watched this right now, but them’s the breaks.

I had a major issue with the sound work in this movie though. It was very noisy, and not in a good way. All the unimportant background noise was incredibly loud, often to the point of entirely obscuring what was being said. I did a little be of reading on the film’s wiki page, and it makes me think it was intentional, showing off some new tech allowing for quite ‘dense’ sound effects. But it was overused I think, so most of the movie was a blur of noise. It was very appropriate for the battle scenes and some of the high tension moments, but overall it was just too much.

It also didn’t need to be a full three hours long. I am so goddamn fatigued on every level after watching this.



  • The noise density in this film really shows its value in the war scenes
  • Holy fucking shit, the Russian Roulette scenes


  • Main character is about to get married at the start of the movie? No way that ends well.
  • Lots of people talking, no discernible dialogue
  • Child abuse
  • Forty minutes into the movie and nothing has actually happened yet…holy shit, this thing is 3hrs long!
  • This entire movie’s audio has been mixed as if it were a live concert recording
  • Suddenly, Vietnam.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is a Studio Ghibli film, so I have some idea what to expect from it. I expect it to be beautifully animated but visually strange and complex, probably quite weird story-wise, and possibly heart-wrenching. I  expect to thoroughly enjoy it. I have no doubt seen bit and pieces of this movie before, but I’m pretty confident I’ve never seen it all the way through.

Princess Mononoke is a beautiful film. This almost goes without saying – it is what Studio Ghibli is known for. That soft but distinct animation style is a huge draw for me, even if the designs that they evoke are often somewhat disturbing.

I got a bit lost in the movie, honestly. It washed over me like a wave and pulled me under, caught in the current. Fantastical movies do that to me sometimes. They just become a holistic experience, something greater than it’s parts. An experience.

In the details, the plot is quite grim. A young man is dying of a curse that is slowly consuming his body, and leaves his home in search of a cure. He finds a violent three-way conflict between the Emperor’s samurai, an independent community of ironworkers, and the doomed spirits of the forest. Nobody is in the right, everyone is committed, and all he can do is get in amongst it. The violence is graphic, and the consumptive death of a spirit turned demon is horribly intense. But none of that really touched me. I didn’t really get attached or invested in any particular characters or take sides. I just wanted to see how it would all work out.



  • Friendly by vaguely creepy forest spirits are my favourite thing
  • Bringing a knife to a gun fight
  • True love’s first kiss tastes like beef jerky


  • I’m pretty sure cutting off a topknot doesn’t leave you with such a good looking haircut afterward
  • The Deer God’s face is Way Too Human to be on a deer body. It creeped me out big time
  • Only a boar would think that charging headlong up at seventy degree slope is a good idea
  • What the hell did you THINK was gonna happen when you shot down the god of the whole damn forest?