Super Troopers

With a name like Super Troopers, this certainly seems like a movie that I should have at least heard of. Alas, it has not even been in my radar. But I am assured by several people that I will love it, so I enter it with some optimism.

For some reason, I thought this was going to be a scifi military flick. Boy, was I wrong.

Super Troopers falls into a very rare category – comedy that doesn’t suck. Which is to say, I think a lot of comedy tries too damn hard and ends up being forced and lame. But this was more a parody of life, and fits that niche of, dare I say it, shenanigans occurring in a very mundane setting that really appeals to me. I’m not sure I laughed this hard at a movie since the first time I saw Hot Fuzz.


  • Meow.
  • How’s the view from sugar heaven, bitch?!
  • Rabbit is so amazingly good humored and tolerant, like wow.


  • I used to know a guy like Farva. He was outright painful to watch.
  • I spent the first three minutes thinking this was another stoner movie, and steeling myself for the cringe.
  • I was laughing too hard to note down more bullet points

Grosse Pointe Blank

It’s a pretty rare List movie that I straight up did not know existed. Usually, I’ve at least heard the name of the movie before, which is what I expect if it is indeed A Movie I Should Have Seen. But, that isn’t the case here. I have no idea what I am getting myself into.

Should be fun.

I really didn’t like the start of this movie. The last thing I felt like watching tonight was some annoying man-baby of a professional hitman survive the aftermath of refusing his Bondsmage-esque recruitment into a union. Luckily, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t that movie. Then it appeared I was instead to watch said comedic screwup of an assassin try to perform one last contract while also navigating the intense peril of a high school reunion. But thank god, this wasn’t that movie either.

Instead, the movie I watched was about a somewhat scatterbrained dork (who happens to kill people for a living) attempting to navigate his way back into the life and affections of the girl he left behind…while also navigating the intense peril of a high school reunion, and surviving the aftermath of refusing his Bondsmage-esque recruitment into a union.


In the end, all I can really say is that while it didn’t make a lot of sense, I enjoyed the ride.


  • The pouring out of a whiskey bottle onto the grave was a nice piece of show-not-tell
  • ‘Oh no, she’s cute.’ –Greg, 2016
  • ‘If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you…it’s broken.’
  • Debi’s dad is the sort of old man I aspire to be
  • Overall, the reunion was probably very realistic – about five people having fun, and everyone else talking awkwardly and getting shitfaced
  • Friends help friends dispose of a body, no questions asked, to the tune of 99 Luftballons


  • So, I guess she owns the radio station huh, since if she has a boss they’d be PISSED about her airing her personal baggage on air
  • I don’t give a crap how loud the music is, NOBODY misses automatic gunfire less than a meter away
  • Wow, look at that house. And that car! She must be loaded. She probably DOES own that radio station!
  • As much as I enjoyed the ridiculous tone of the action, no professional wastes THAT much ammo. Nuh uh.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I didn’t write this bit beforehand, and I’m not feeling particularly wordy now. Just numb.

Well, that’s two hours of my life I’m never getting back.



  • Once my brain had given up and shut down, the movie was kinda fun.
  • It takes real genius to trash rooms quite that thoroughly
  • My decision to stay off drugs seems pretty well validated
  • The aesthetic grew on me. Like a fungus.


  • Longest two hours of my life.
  • Surreal and not particularly enjoyable end to an otherwise stellar day
  • My phone died half way through so I couldn’t even take refuge anymore
  • They say that memories are never truly gone, and forgetting is just having lost the pathways to particular memories. So, this is in my head forever now.


Weblogic SSL and Google Chrome

During our implementation of a new JDE Oneworld (Enterprise One) environment, we encountered an issue after enabling SSL on our web instances. Internet explorer was quite happy with the configuration, but attempting to load the page in Chrome resulted in an error:

‘SSL Server probably obsolete.

A quick search revealed that this meant that the server was willing to communicate on SSLv3 (which is a huge issue due to the POODLE vulnerability). So we needed to limit what SSL/TLS versions the server was using – more specifically, we want it to only use TLS 1.2, as both SSLv2 and SSLv3 have major vulnerabilities and all our clients are modern enough to support TLS 1.2 (so why use anything older?).

More canny googling also revealed the solution. We needed to add a new startup argument to the web instance;

This would force the webserver to use TLS 1.2, and not allow older SSL or TLS security types.

server start

Unfortunately, after applying this configuration and restarting the web instance, the error remained. It took quite a lot of frustration and more than a little Oracle Knowledgebase diving before we stumbled on what we had missed.

In order to use the  argument, you must be using JSSE SSL. This was not enabled by default on our web instances (which had been created automatically during the JDE install process). This setting lives under General -> SSL -> Advanced.

jsse ssl

After enabling ‘Use JSSE SSL’, saving and activating the configuration, and restarting the web instance, the error disappeared.