Blazing Saddles

When I read the name Blazing Saddles, it made me think of that one movie from a few years ago about the WWI cavalry horse. On closer inspection, this isn’t that movie. I don’t know what this movie is, but it looks old, which doesn’t tend to bode well in my mind.

It took me slightly longer than it probably should have to realize that Blazing Saddles is a spoof of the Western genre. It took me even longer to realize it is a spoof of movies in general.

Blazing Saddles is definitely a product of its time. A lot of the jokes passed me by, but it was still a pretty good tongue in cheek parody that gave absolutely no fucks about….well, anything, actually. And the fact that I spent the entire movie imagining that Gene Wilder’s character was actually Willy Wonka made it even better.



  • Cowboys vs Laborers singoff
  • The drunk miner guy
  • Incredibly accurate depiction of governmental process
  • ‘Rest your sphincters’
  • Extended literal 4th wall break sequence


  • Lot of race related gags that you probably couldn’t get away with now
  • ‘Kansas City faggots’
  • The entire song and dance performance in the saloon. Painful.


I don’t know anything about this movie, but based on the box art, I am probably going to hate it.

Airplane was fucking stupid. I loved it. The movie opened with a fucking Jaws spoof, and honestly it set the tone for the entire experience perfectly.

Every single line and shot in the movie was either a dumb one-liner or gag, or a setup for the next dumb one-liner or gag. Without the slightest pretense of seriousness in the movie, there was nothing to ground me, so rather than pissing me off I just chuckled along with it.

I’ve said before that I like absurd humor, but only when it revolves around taking a premise to its logical extreme, but apparently that isn’t quite accurate. I also like absurd humor when it is dad jokes. And Airplane is NOTHING BUT DAD JOKES.



  • Jive subtitles
  • I could tell which jokes were contemporary or topical, because they went right over my head
  • Extended blowjob gag
  • Don’t call me Shirley
  • The parody pf badly done driving sequence green screen work
  • Otto-pilot


  • Jive subtitles
  • The gay stereotype traffic controller
  • Air Israel

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I’ve managed to dodge pretty much all foreknowledge of this one. But if I was to make an assumption based off the title alone, I’m expecting a high concept drama type thing. Film festival fare. You know what I mean.

Well, I wasn’t wrong.

Once I understood what was going on, the driving idea behind this movie really appealed to me. I’m pretty big on the idea that the road you have taken plays a central part in making you who you are, so to me the idea of erasing a relationship, even a nightmare one, is really inconceivable. If you lose the memories, you lose the lessons, and its the lessons that make you better.

That said though, the visual representation of the memory wipe process was great. Exploring how the psyche responds to the removal of information is intriguing. I wish that they had gone into the idea of substitution and false memory (because that is something that our brains very much do), but the movie was complex and hard to follow enough as it was I guess.

The saying goes that ‘Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.’ But the final scene sort of presents the flip side to that idea. Even if you know how it may well end, would you have the strength to try anyway?



  • Mrs Potatoheads!
  • Joel is keeping himself together in front of this woman shaped force of nature pretty well
  • Okay, I wasn’t sold at first, but these two are pretty charming together
  • Wait. Is she real? Is he hallucinating?
  • I’m just minding my own business here, Mr Frodo.
  • Frodo ‘Panty Thief’ Baggins


  • Well, that’s just unprofessional
  • Damn. I realize that I’m starting at the bad end of the relationship here but she just went from zero to furious in about 3.5 seconds
  • Being the manic pixie type really does seem like it’d make dating like crossing an unswept mine field