I think I can see why they wanted to remake this movie. I may not have seen Robocop before tonight, but I definitely knew 90% of the plot and major moments before sitting down to watch this one. Its a touchstone. Of course, remaking something so iconic is risky, and I hear it didn’t work out. Seems like a shame to me.

I like me some near-future cyberpunk dystopia, and this is a good example of it. The world is terrible, and the Evil Corporation is evil, but some regular folks are alright. Not many, but enough. All good tropes of the genre. Though given just how widely know this movie is, I do wonder if any of those genre staples originated here.

The thing that surprised me most is how well all the special effects stand up. I mean sure, they show their age, but they look old without looking bad. They have aged gracefully.



  • The future of law enforcement is a terrible murderbot
  • Scientist bedside manner
  • Drum beats for footsteps
  • Fake 90s commercials


  • Body horror
  • If you’re wiping his memory, why bother with organic components at all?
  • Not turning off the malfunctioning cyborg while you have the chance
  • More body horror

The Deer Hunter

I don’t quite know how to feel about The Deer Hunter. It was…intense. Too intense for my mood definitely, had I know what I was getting myself into I probably wouldn’t have watched this right now, but them’s the breaks.

I had a major issue with the sound work in this movie though. It was very noisy, and not in a good way. All the unimportant background noise was incredibly loud, often to the point of entirely obscuring what was being said. I did a little be of reading on the film’s wiki page, and it makes me think it was intentional, showing off some new tech allowing for quite ‘dense’ sound effects. But it was overused I think, so most of the movie was a blur of noise. It was very appropriate for the battle scenes and some of the high tension moments, but overall it was just too much.

It also didn’t need to be a full three hours long. I am so goddamn fatigued on every level after watching this.



  • The noise density in this film really shows its value in the war scenes
  • Holy fucking shit, the Russian Roulette scenes


  • Main character is about to get married at the start of the movie? No way that ends well.
  • Lots of people talking, no discernible dialogue
  • Child abuse
  • Forty minutes into the movie and nothing has actually happened yet…holy shit, this thing is 3hrs long!
  • This entire movie’s audio has been mixed as if it were a live concert recording
  • Suddenly, Vietnam.