‘buildNumber: unbound variable’ in Ambari Setup

I’m currently experimenting with Apache Ambari, because setting up a Hadoop cluster manually looked like no fun whatsoever. However, the Ambari project does not distribute binaries, and the freely available Hortonworks binaries required a support identifier in order to deploy a cluster. That’s a hard no on that one there super chief.

So, I built Ambari from source. That was a trial that probably deserves a blog post in its own right.

But, I got my RPMs,  installed them on my target server and tried to run the setup process;

Well, fuck.

A first look, the internet proved little help – I found a couple of people with the issue, but no helpful information. So, in my desperation, I went to the third page of a google search. I know, shocking.

And what I found was a chinese blog post. I don’t read a work of any asian languages, but a quick text search of the post led me to this;

Aha! So, I tried it (replacing the value of the variable with the correct version number, in my case), and lo;

And we are in business. So, it seems that if you build ambari-server yourself, it is reliant on a buildNumber enviroment variable. (I don not recall having this issue with the Hortonworks binaries).

Would have been nice to have that in documentation huh?