Mercury Rising

No preamble this week – I forgot until right as I started the movie, and I felt like eating while the buffalo wings were still hot!

Mercury Rising was pretty enjoyable, if nothing special. I think I must have seen it before – the premise seemed kinda familiar, and there were a few shots later in the movie that stuck out as starkly familiar. But I couldn’t remember anything about the film, so no harm done. I don’t think I can really recommend it in terms of being a compelling story or great acting (except for maybe Simon), but at least the theme of the movie was quite interesting.

I don’t really know much about autism – most of what I presume to know comes from movies like this one, ironically. But I found it pretty interesting that it seemed to make a real point about contrasting different reaction to Simon, from ‘mistake of nature’ comments from the antagonist right up to the kind of caring acceptance of his parents. And while you could more or less tell if a character was good or not based on their original reaction to Simon’s condition, I remember there being a couple of curve balls, characters who spoke badly of him out of ignorance who later came around. I appreciate that, because that’s how people are. Even quite mindful people need to be corrected every now and again.



  • As always, I have a weakness of cute nerd ladies in TV/movies. And, you know, in life.
  • IDK, the wings were pretty good.


  • No, not even a savant can just read a cryptographic code worth half a damn.
  • Man, this movie was 90s as fuck. I’ve been watching quite a few recently, mind, and it’s not a big deal but….wow. 90s.
  • Really poor helicopter piloting
  • The love interest lady in general. Yawn.

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