Bonus Round: Deadpool

When I first heard the rumors of a Deadpool movie, I laughed. It was a sad laugh, though. I was laughing not because the idea was ridiculous, but because it was probably true, and that they would definitely fuck it up.

Then the first trailer came out. And if I wasn’t sold, well, it seemed like maybe there was some hope. And then the second trailer came out and…I became cautiously optimistic. And then the movie came out, and people whose opinions I usually trusted were saying good things. It was only then that I decided that I needed to see Deadpool.

The Deadpool movie was exactly what I wanted, and what I had come to expect based on the trailers and comments I had seen. It is funny, irreverent and hyperviolent in all the ways that Deadpool aught to be. It was a very good page-to-screen translation of the essence of Deadpool, without feeling overly concerned about faithfulness to the details of the source material. His new backstory is a good adjustment that drops unnecessary canon connections without losing the impact of the events, which was a breath of fresh air.

On the subject of the humor, I can say that nothing offended me. This statement is of course utterly useless – demographically, there was approximately zero risk that this movie was going to push my buttons. I’m not going to even try to point out any potentially offensive things, because while I did spot a couple of potential pain points, I’m not really the right person to talk about them. Your mileage may vary. That said, overall I think they avoided many of the bad and offensive pitfalls that could have very easily plagued it.

The biggest takeaway for me was the fact that all the best jokes were taking the piss out of current era superhero films. I laughed uproariously at the jabs at Green Lantern, Wolverine and Nick Fury and the like. Because, if we are quite honest, superhero movie canon has reached the point where it needs to be made fun of. It needs some comic relief, and Deadpool fills that niche like a glove. Events are bombastic enough that they need to be taken light of, and the plot threads of the current MCU canon are getting progressively more tangled and show no signs of straightening out any time soon. It is a shame that, as a Fox production, Deadpool was greatly hampered in its ability to make fun of the MCU, which needs it even more than the X-Men or DCU.

He isn’t a hero, but Deadpool is what comic book movies need right now. A ridiculous parody, a sharp wit. A merc with a mouth.



  • I wish I had a big brother like Colossus.
  • And the obnoxious teenage mutant (whose name escapes me, it was long and ridiculous) reminded me a LOT of my younger sister. In a good way, of course.
  • Really funny. Can’t stress this enough. I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in quite some time.
  • The opening credits sequence was a really great idea.


  • Maybe a few more naked ladies than were strictly required. Not that I am complaining, mind.
  • This bullet point is breaking the fourth wall.

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