I remember wanting to see Fury. The trailers looked good, and I had a couple of friends tell me that they enjoyed it. One described it as ‘a love story between some men and their tank’, and I thought that turn of phrase quite appealing. Alas, I missed it in the cinemas, and promptly forgot all about it until it came through as a recommendation for inclusion on The List.

Thus, I’ve been looking forward to Fury, more than any other movie so far. Here’s to hoping it lives up to my expectation.

Holy shit. That was intense.

Fury is one of those war movies that tries to tell it like it is. Dirty, hectic, and truly unfair. It has the pretense of unvarnished truth. Is war actually like that? Fucked if I know, but it makes for a hell of a different experience compared to a movie that glosses over the dirtier elements of warfare. This goes right up to the worst depredations that an invading army can inflict (though without actually going there, thank god – but the scene in question was tense enough that it left me wondering right up til the last moment).

And that last stand. I am floored. It was so incredibly well put together that I couldn’t help but feel the elation of the early successes, and the successive heart wrenches as, one by one, the crew finally bought it. Just…wow. Sad, horribly sad, but moving. But the thing that struck me most was that we are never told if it was worth it. I mean, there were a lot of dead Nazis – there is no doubt that they acquitted themselves admirably. But was it enough? They were holding there to protect the supply line and the wounded, but we are never told if the remains of that force that passed by them went on to do the damage they sought.

That said, I guess none of them ever got to know either. Damn.


  • Excellent characters. They were archetypal enough to feel familiar from the outset, but developed into pretty complex individuals. Not a lot of war stories manage that.
  • I didn’t hate Shia LeBouf in this movie. It was an odd experience.
  • I loved the stylistic decision to show the fire of weapons larger than handheld using streaks of colour. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t realistic, but it did add a lot to my ability to follow what the hell was going on, and I really appreciated it. I noted it especially on the glancing blows – you were able to actually see that the tank was struck, but not damaged.
  • The action in general. Just wow.
  • The tanks were actually depicted as being fairly slow.


  • I don’t think I actually have anything bad to say about this one. I am trying to think of something, but really, nothing comes to mind. Watch Fury.

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