This was not a movie about trains and the watching thereof. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved.

This is another one in the ‘drugs are fucked up and bad things happen’ genre of movies that I have very mixed feelings about. I mean, I don’t relate to them, at all. No context. But on the other hand, they are always interesting (in either a good way or a bad way). Trainspotting was good because it didn’t spend too long on the surreal (which I tend to tire of quickly), and what trips they did include were more a change of pace rather than just an excuse to put some fucked up bullshit on the screen.



  • Suppositories
  • Unintentional statutory rape, followed by blackmail
  • ‘Being Scottish is shite’
  • ‘One thousand years from now there will be no guys or girls- just wankers.’
  • The kitten was fine


  • Demon hallucination baby
  • I probably missed about 10% of the dialogue because of how Scottish it was

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