Alien is a slow-burn suspense horror movie, which is usually not my cup of tea. Turns out though, watching this sort of thing with friends and shit talking all the way through it goes a long way to blunting any discomfort I might have otherwise had felt. Who knew?

I do have to recognize that it was well executed though. I’m pretty sure I would have liked Alien even if I had been watching it alone and in the dark – though possibly for different reasons. I know I probably missed one or two reveals and ‘aha’ moments over the course of the movie, at least, and that is the sort of thing that usually redeems suspenseful movies for me.

I quite liked that almost every mistake the crew makes that started and perpetuated their little alien problem are perfectly explainable with ‘its a space truck, these aren’t exactly the best and brightest’. Taken in that context, everything done and said more or less fit together nicely.



  • Obligated by law to investigate potential distress beacon
  • I assume that cat was also in stasis
  • Our ship stubbed its toe and now everything is on fire
  • Doctor that doesn’t give a fuck about the risk to the patient once someone else says they’ll take responsibility
  • Eat my drive cone, bitch.
  • Mr Jones lived


  • Not immediately leaving as soon as it became clear the ship wasn’t human
  • Not leaving the damn eggs alone
  • Fake out jump scare
  • Actual jump scare
  • Space truck with a self destruct mechanism

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