I’m pretty sure that I had decided before watching Juno that I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but in retrospect I was definitely not looking forward to watching this movie. Which is probably why its been a month since I watched a List movie, come to think of it. I was wrong though – Juno was a pleasant surprise.

So many of the characters in this movie seemed like archetypal caricatures at first glance. Every time a new person came on screen, I made that first impression snap judgement, and the movie consistently spent about five minutes allowing me to think my assumption was right before beginning to add nuance to them and make them into a real person. It was a neat trick, and I’m a sucker for falling for it literally every time.



  • The store clerk has a very punchable face. And voice. And manner.
  • Hamburger phone
  • McMansion Montage
  • I kept looking for a character to hate but couldn’t find one
  • ‘When will you guys learn that tots can’t ice skate?’


  • ‘Honest to blog’
  • Michael Cera, as that one character Michael Cera always plays.
  • Ding Dong Ditch
  • ‘Thunder cats are go!’

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