The Citrix XML Service at address has failed the background health check

When implementing a new Storefront 3.7 server, I encountered an issue with communication failures between the Storefront and out XenApp 6.5 farms. Intermittedly, applications from these farms would not enumerate. The following events were logged in the event log repeatedly, indicating transient connectivity issues;

The Storefront server had been built following Carl Stalhood’s excellent Storefront build guide, which includes several non-default configuration recommendations. As I was not experiencing the issue on our existing Storefront 3.0 servers, I was led to thinking that perhaps one of these changes was the source. While researching the issue, I found a Citrix support forum thread in which a user recommended turning off socket pooling in order to aid in troubleshooting the connectivity issues, which set me to thinking.

A quick look at my config confirmed that, yes, socket pooling was enabled as per the build guide recommendation. In addition, in the Event Log there were messages that I had overlooked before;

Aha. Something odd is going on there.

So, I disabled socket pooling in the settings of all the stores configured on the Storefront sever. This has caused the messages above to stop being logged, and I have not have the symptoms reoccur since, so I believe the issue is solved.

Obviously there is something not quite right happening with socket pooling and communication with XenApp 6.5 farms – but our environment is not large enough for socket pooling to be required, and thus this is a good enough solution in my case. If you have this problem and require socket pooling to be enabled, I suggest opening a case with Citrix Support for investigation and proper resolution.

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