Bonus Round: (500) Days of Summer

This movie made me laugh a lot, because most of the jokes were absolutely at the expense of people like me. And I appreciate that. I gave up lying to myself about the nature of my foolishness a long time ago. And the fact that TomĀ is much worse than me (I fucking hope) helps that as well.

I went from Sweet!bitter on the 50cm bonus round to Bitter!sweet in 500 Days, and it was rough. But it was good. I have a lot of other thoughts about this, but they are all just a little too close to home, so suck it up cupcake, ’cause I ain’t sharing.


  • I lost my shit and laughed aloud at the top of my lungs at the opening dedication. Perfect.
  • Lemony Snickett style narration.
  • Zooey Deschanel
  • The lady dothn’t.
  • ‘No jobs, I’m still unemployed.’
  • Han Solo reflection
  • I didn’t know most of the music in the soundtrack, but it had that classic feel that I appreciate regardless
  • Tom was right.


  • This is why I never want to go to an open mic karaoke bar
  • I guess its only a walk of shame if you aren’t a dude
  • Wisdom of the ages from the younger sibling (this is Bad because I’m pretty sure she’s right)
  • It’s a free country
  • Denial
  • Infinite cringe
  • Look at camera, roll credits

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