I have been warned about Braindead (also known as Dead Alive, if you are American and lack a sense of fun). Don’t watch it on a full stomach, I am told. Oh, you don’t do well with gore? Well, uh. Fuck.┬áSo here I am, watching the movie on Saturday so it isn’t the end of my weekend, well before it gets dark, before I have dinner. I am sincerely hoping that my tolerance for this sort of thing has gone up (which seems possible given my reaction to 28 Days later).

God help me.


I tried to like Braindead. You know, get past my preconceived ideas about what it was and if I should like it or not. And that held out pretty well for a while. Then Act 3 happened.

I actually kinda liked the first third of the movie. I was corny in ways that I appreciate, and what gore there was tended to have some comedic value in the situation and the reaction of the observers. This largely extends to the middle as well, with the protagonist attempting to keep is pet zombies docile and under control as his life slips away from under him.

Then Act 3 happened.

Act 3 made me realize that I wasn’t laughing at the gore at all, only the situation. So when the movie devolved into half an hour of gruesome death, the movie lost its novelty and left me alternating between grossed out and bored. No redeeming value, just an endless slog of fake blood and guts until the movie was over, and I was released.


  • I appreciated some of the creature design. I think my favourite was the internal organs creature, with honourable mention to the baby.
  • The priest with serious levels of Monk was a moment of joy. ‘I kick ass for the Lord!’. Too bad about that crit fail on the dex save to dodge the falling head though.
  • Nopeing so hard that you leap aboard a moving tram


  • Everything else.

In conclusion:


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